Friday, October 17, 2008


This morning I was trying to find the address of the Shanghai Links in Chinese so that I could look up directions from my house for next week's K12 Online Conference session. A Google search for "shanghai links 路" turned up this BBS post on the BBS, a site for legal advice in Chinese.

我朋友(女)最近要去shanghai links工作,它是一个golf球场+别墅区,也就是说,里面汇集了很多有钱人、外国人。
但是有人(某知情人)告戒我朋友,叫她别和别人一起出去吃饭,因此,我想,里面是不是很乱,一不注意,很有可能就会威胁到朋友的安全(专指女性方面),而且,有钱人的生活,本来就糜烂,做事也比较为所欲为。因此,想问一下有了解shanghai links的人,里面的真实情况是怎么样的,会不会真的很有可能对朋友造成伤害。非常感谢!!

My friend (female) is going to start working in Shanghai Links, which is a golf course + private residential compound. This means that it's a neighborhood with a high concentration of rich people and foreigners.
Somebody (an acquaintance) warned my friend not to go out to eat with other people there. So I'm thinking, is it true that this place is a bad neighborhood, that my friends safety could be suddenly threatened if she's not careful (especially for females)? The debauched, devil-may-care way that rich people live... So I'm asking people familiar with Shanghai Links to let me know what the situation inside the compound, is it possible that my friend will possibly suffer from harm? Thanks in advance!

Uh-oh, I'd better be careful! Nah, just kidding. Actually, to me this says more about Chinese peoples' understanding of the class divide than it does about Shanghai Links specifically. Worth considering.


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