Saturday, July 11, 2009



This is a pretty typical lunch by Jodi's mom. The top dish is a favorite of mine: green peppers, dried tofu and fatty pork fried up with spicy black bean sauce. It's especially good when you mix the dribblings with rice to finish off the meal. The other dish is simply stir-fried cabbage. Jodi's mom made a variation the other day and mixed it with sesame sauce, which was delicious. But then again I'm a sucker for sesame sauce.


Charlotte and Maryann out on the playground. Maryann is more mobile than Charlotte was at that age, but Charlotte made the transition from sitting to walking a lot faster than Maryann. The little one still needs somebody to walk her around or else she gets fussy. There's some things she doesn't mind just standing around hanging onto, like the springy whale on the playground.

Lots more recent photos on Flickr, and our trip home from Carrefour (Chinese).


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