Friday, October 02, 2009


A random sampling of interesting things from around the city, captured by my cellphone.

Wheel of mops at the Zhangjiang Carrefour.
Wheel Of Hygiene (by Micah Sittig)

One of those 2-D cellphone codes on a People's Square subway exit sign.
Photo-0042 (by Micah Sittig)

My favorite Shanghai skyscraper: that wavy one.
Photo-0043 (by Micah Sittig)

Great vocabulary builder for kids.
ungrateful basterds (by Micah Sittig)

I've said before that photographs of clouds are cheating, it's just too easy to get beautiful shots.
Clouds are cheating (by Micah Sittig)

The Concordia Int'l School middle high school cafeteria converted for a college fair.
Photo-0053 (by Micah Sittig)

The Shanghai American School (SAS) Pudong front gate.
SAS Pudong front gate & security

Walking through the front gate, an elegant Chinese-style courtyard (SAS Pudong).
SAS Pudong entryway (by Micah Sittig)

The courtyard outside of the cafeteria (SAS Pudong).
SAS Pudong courtyard (by Micah Sittig)

The cafeteria has a Starbucks-style coffee shop (SAS Pudong).
SAS Pudong "Starbucks" (by Micah Sittig)

A bit of wishful thinking; saw this trio on several models of magnets in shops at Chenghuangmiao.
Wishful thinking (by Micah Sittig)


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