Saturday, December 05, 2009


Widescreen and worth it! I just spent the last four hours learning how to upgrade my computer to support the new 19" widescreen Samsung LCD monitor we bought to replace the old Viewsonic that finally kicked the can a couple days ago. This involved re-installing a couple sets of drivers, figuring out that the drivers were already up-to-date in the first place, learning that the problem lay in something called the video BIOS, or vBIOS, building a bootable USB stick, and then using it to flash my computer's BIOS with 1) the manufacturer-released BIOS update that wasn't recent enough, and 2) a version of the BIOS that had been hacked to include support for the monitor's optimal resolution. The moment I saw "1440x900" in the Display control panel I was as ecstatic as you can be after sitting at the computer for 4 hours, but when I flipped the switch it was all worth it: crystal-clear type on seemingly horizonless screen space in vivid and beautiful color. Hooray.


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