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Micah and Jodi: Out and About on the New Year

Now that Charlotte is back in the states with the grandparents and crazy aunt Lolo, and since Jodi's mom is still available to take care of Maryann for an afternoon, Jodi and I have been freer to get out of the house together lately. We took advantage to enjoy life a little on New Year's Day with a trip to a packed Babaiban and shiny Lujiazui.

First off, thanks to Aaron and Jessica for the new camera. Great Christmas gift, I'm sure we'll get a lot of use out of it.

Testing... 3 (by Micah Sittig)

In the afternoon we realized that it was the opening day of the Zhangjiang Tram, so we took it to the subway station. Naturally on the first day of operation it was packed. It's futuristic looking and novel, but the ride is far from smooth and it takes a long path looping through southern Zhangjiang. I'm not sure we'll be taking it very often in the future.

Zhangjiang Tram, Day 1 (by Micah Sittig)

Zhangjiang Tram, Day 1 (by Micah Sittig)

One cool thing about the tram is that it maximizes the use of glass, including ceiling-to-floor glass doors to the outside and to the driver's cabin. This means you can see the ground whizzing by outside and a clear view the road ahead.

Zhangjiang Tram, Day 1 (by Micah Sittig)

Zhangjiang Tram, Day 1 (by Micah Sittig)

At Babaiban we took my phone to the Samsung Service Center to get it checked out and passed by Bifengtang to pick up pineapple buns for a snack. The whole area was a mass of people out shopping on the first day of the Western new year. I hear that the mall had a big sale until 2am the previous night as well!

I thought about trying out the new Line 9 from Shangcheng Road to its temporary terminal station and connection to Line 2 at Century Avenue, but the Dongchang Line tempted us with its route directly to the back door of our home. So we took the bus home to check in with Grandma and Maryann, and to inquire at the service desk about moving into the new apartment. We're upgrading: same set of apartments, but a 3-bedroom layout.

A couple hours later and we were on the road again to a Korean dinner I'd promised Jodi at a favorite of hers, 明洞, in the Super Brand Mall. Since we were anticipating a big dinner we let our stomachs settle and tried something we'd been intending to take, the Lujiazui tourist bus. It's the double-decker bus that you see sometimes stopped south of the Oriental Peal Tower when you take Exit 1 out of the Lujiazui subway station.

On the tour bus (by Micah Sittig)

We had been anticipating this ride for a while now, but after completing the experience we come down firmly on the side of: "don't bother, it's not worth it". Contrary to our expectations, the "tourist" part of the ride is minimized and the "bus" part is emphasized. Narration is limited to pointing out the Huangpu River ferry, the Thompson Riviera apartments (ah, Shanghai and real estate), and a few famous landmarks like the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, and the Int'l Financial Center. The route is limited in scope, the complimentary milk tea is watery and tasteless, and a lot of time is spent at multiple stops waiting for passengers to board and disembark. Cheap at RMB 15 a person, but not worth the price or time.

View: "Twin towers" (by Micah Sittig)

View: Pearl Tower (by Micah Sittig)

View: Random Lujiazui building (by Micah Sittig)

Our consolation prize was a sizable and filling spread at 明洞 on Super Brand 6F. We barely managed to get through everything, and we let the waiter cook the meat for us or it would have taken forever. At RMB 298 for the 2-person combo it wasn't cheap but for a special occasion it hit just the right spot.

Korean spread (by Micah Sittig)

Full and contented, we headed home.


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