Saturday, March 06, 2010


Nuggets of News


Just a couple pieces of family news. Today I registered Charlotte to begin at the SMIC preschool in the fall. Actually we'd rather she go to the local public preschool but we're not sure if we qualify (zoning/residence status questions) so we are keeping SMIC as a backup.

Also, Jodi started working this week. She's at a preschool in Pudong off of subway Line 6. She team-teaches a class of 3rd year students (~5 years old), taking on responsibility for Art and English. She's glad to be back in the classroom but still getting used to the daily grind.

Maryann is still Maryann, and I'm starting the second semester by leading planning for the Science Fair and chairing the Academic Calendar Committee in addition to my regular duties as teacher and department head.

That's about it.


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