Thursday, November 28, 2002

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Stayed up late Wednesday night to fill out grad school applications. Haha, it's really happening this time.

Worked at Border tonight, nothing exciting happened. I saw Ritchie in there, Dave Coyle's friend. Dave, by the way, is coming home for Christmas. That is great news, I'm very excited. On Friday I'm slated to work 3 PM to 9 PM. I'm hoping that we will be staffed with many cashiers so that I get a chance to work on cleaning up the computer section. It's impossible to find stuff there.

Oh yeah, rumor from on high has it that we won't be hiring Christmas help this year. Hooray for publicly-owned corporate bookstores. Ugh. Also, the same source told me that McSweeney's is edited by the same fellow who did the non-Required Reading book, Dave Eggers. This is also the guy who just wrote a book whose text starts on the front cover and continues onto the paper pasted inside the cover (it's a hardback), and is only being sold in independent bookstores.


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