Wednesday, November 27, 2002

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Today I packed up and left on a road trip. The first destination was Fullerton College, where I applied, was accepted and enrolled all in the span of 10 minutes. Beat that, Georgetown.

Second destination was Pasadena. In her last e-mail Dr Wei didn't sound as enthused about writing my letter of recommendation as she had before, so I decided to make the trip up there to talk with her personally. Her Chinese 4 class started just before got there, so I walked over to Caltech (where I was parked) and looked around. I scouted out the new Biology building. It certainly does look modern, but not too garish or out-of-place. The Ticket Office had a bulletin out for the new season of performances at Beckman Auditorium, so I dropped by and picked one up. A couple performances next year look nice:

Rick Miller in MacHomer--"The Simpsons" Do Macbeth.
Rick Miller performs this one-man vocal extravaganza, featuring over 50 voices from TV's favorite dysfunctional family.
Capitol Steps
Who put the "mock" in democracy? The Capitol Steps, of course. no one is immune to their bipartisan barbs and song parodies. Don't miss their "spin" on current events.

Milikan library provided a good spot to work on my Christmas cards, and I stopped by the bookstore to pick up a Christmas item.

Tutoring was packed tonight. I'm really satisfied with the progress some kids have made; many who came in for tutoring a few weeks ago are now able to help other students. I saw a couple of kids who I haven't seen in a while from the math class I subbed in. Noah was doing some catch-up for a few days he was absent, and he absorbed the lesson very quickly. He's a bright kid.


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