Saturday, September 20, 2003

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You know you're a China nerd when you go out for ice cream on a Friday night and pull out a blank map of the provinces to quiz your friends, and they consider it a personal challenge to name all of them, plus the major municipalities, plus the special administrative regions, plus the special autonomous regions. This could not make me more happy.

So I went out tonight with some of the kids from CCS. Last week's bar-hop didn't sit well with some of us, so we decided on ice cream and making it home at a decent hour tonight. Three got Ben and Jerry's, and three dug on gelato from American Spoon. Elisa enjoyed the free granola samples so much that she ended up buying a bag. Good late night snack. We moved on down to Main St, were some people suggested we could find a bar. I just happened to not bring my ID (I swear, it was an accident!) so we ended up at Cafe Oz, a hookah restaurant. Topics of conversation ranged from hip-hop dance, life changing experiences, Gong Li vs Zhang Ziyi vs Maggie Cheung (Ms Cheung any day), to gay clubs--I claimed I wouldn't be squeamish about going to one, which is partly true: I'd be more squeamish about the "club" part than the "gay" part. Thank goodness at the CCS nobody reads my weblog, so they don't realize how socially backwards I can be.

I need a haircut. I hope that doesn't mean I'm shallow.


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