Sunday, April 03, 2005


After church today, I schlepped down to the Suzhou Creek Art District (different from the Creek Art Center) to check out Wang Jianshuo's current RL project, L'Invitation Au Voyage. On its surface, it would seem to be a simple amateur photography exhibit, but Jianshuo put up a sign as the first thing that visitors will see when they walk in that says in Chinese 这不是一个摄影展, "This Is Not A Photography Exhibit". What does that mean? Luckily, he posted an explanation too:

THIS IS NOT A PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION. It is the behavior exhibition of three bloggers: Jianshuo Wang (, Claire (, and Edward Wang ( Just as blogging inspires normal people to express themselves (although they are not writer or journalist), this personal photography exhibition inspires everyone to do something crazy, something they typically think only those professionals can do. We call it GRASSROOT ART IN SHANGHAI.

Rock on. We could all use doing something crazy sometime. Like Jianshuo explained to me himself, it's not so important that people come to see the exhibit, but that they hear about it and realize that they can do something crazy themselves, that they be inspired to act out of their normal routine and share something beautiful with the world.

There's some sort of a "Meeting the Photographer" event next weekend, but really you should just drop by anytime on the weekend when other people are likely to be there. When I showed up this Sunday evening, both Jianshuo and Claire (Wang Qingsheng Hu Zuxin) were there (and possibly Edward, though I didn't get a chance to talk to him). Take your camera, take some friends, and have a photography party. Leave a comment on the comment poster, and look for mine. Most important of all, be inspired.

(Directions... this is what I did; the place is not real convenient to public transport: light rail to Zhongtan Rd, walk south along Zhongtan Rd itself. Just across the Suzhou River a little road turns off to the left called Moganshan Rd (no sign) past some factories. Walk down to #50, the Creek Art District, and walk straight in towards the back, looking for a sign at the bottom of several signs pointing to the L'Invitation Au Voyage exhibit down a small alley on your left. If you really feel like going next weekend, give me a call. I'm already planning on going back.)


At Apr 4, 2005, 11:35:00 PM, Anonymous claire said:

Little correction: Claire Hu is Hu Zuxin. Edward Wang = Wang Qingsheng ... :)

Thank you for coming !

At Apr 15, 2005, 7:58:00 PM, Blogger Micah said:

Haha, how embarassing. Fixed!


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