Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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Here's a repost of the review of the concert "DISTURBANCE & 四百击 @ Harley's" that I posted on ShanghaiExpat:

Just got back from the concert! Sooo much energy was expended, it was unbelievable. The Wuhan band was pretty good, although some metal influence showed and it wasn't too pretty. Still, they had a decent mosh pit going. But Disturbance definitely brought down the house. The place was packed by the time they started, and there was much dancing and moshing. All four members of the band sported mohawks, a nice change from the usual Shanghai (China?) jeans and t-shirts, and maybe some bleached hair here and there. The lead singer was angry! and the crowd got angry with him. A couple of very very large mohawked supporters joined the pit and people started flying, it was delicious! Shirts came off, fists went up, and the crowd backed away in awe. By the last song, I had poured out every last ounce of energy onto the floor, and so had many of the punk fans dripping with sweat around me as they kept themselves bouncing for one more song.

The only negative things to note are the size of Harley's (the place keeps getting fuller and fuller with every show), and that the microphone of the main singer kept cutting out in the middle of songs; but maybe that had to do with the fact that he asked the sound man to turn the volume up three or four times during the show.

And so my ears are still ringing. My clothes smell like smoke. I will sleep like a log tonight.

And punk's not dead.


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