Saturday, April 23, 2005

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I post on ShanghaiExpat:

Guhuaji was cool, it was their first time playing but both of their songs were catchy and not at all repetitive, a common failing of new bands. Asa would have liked them: their vocalist and drummer were both chicks. Their sound reminded me of Hole, the vocalist being just a bit more growly and angry than Courtney Love.

Megaphone as usual was pure, polished punk. It was good to be reminded that Shanghai does have some top notch (and recognized) bands. They drew the biggest crowd, as this show was advertised as a punk show. And coolness, they gave us, I think, three encores. Much was moshed.

Another Kind of Light: I'm not sure if it was me being really tired, but I didn't really get into them. So I'm not going to say anything more.

At this point I left.

I also want to add that when I heard that the old Gua'er Music Factory location in the scrap metal yard was being abandoned, I was gloomy. But this new bar is actually a cool, homey dive. A bit small, maybe, but dark and unkempt. And my only gripe with the old location was that they didn't sell drinks. Well, that's fixed now.

Bad picts (good camera is out on loan):

I made a total fool of myself and didn't realize that the drummer for Cold Fairyland is the drummer for Another Kind Of Light ("Hi, and who are you hear to listen to? Oh. I see." *blush*). When I went to the Hangzhou music festival, the folks from Cold Fairyland were staying at the same hotel, down the hall, from Sonnet, and invited them to spend the night at a bath-house across the street from the hotel. It seems like the Shanghai bands tend to socialize and cross-fertilize. Chris and I saw Sonnet with their instruments having dinner together at a Zhongshan Park mall on Tuesday night. They said they were about to head out to do a concert on Tongren Lu. I don't know, I'm still getting a feel for this place and how it works.


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