Friday, April 15, 2005

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According to the notices posted in the window of the real estate right outside my apartment complex, you can buy a two-bedroom apartment on the fourth floor of my 17 floor apartment for RMB 65万, or RMB 650,000.

In fact, I went back and checked yesterday and you can buy the apartment I'm currently living in (or one exactly like it, although maybe my landlords really are selling it out from under me): 1.5 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, on the 17th floor of 17, for RMB 45.8万, or RMB 458,000.

Mind you, my apartment is at the top of the middle of the heap; sort of a stand-out upscale in an older neighborhod of 6 floor apartment buildings.

(RMB 650,000 = USD 78,536, RMB 458,000 = USD 55,337)


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