Saturday, September 06, 2008

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The baby is coming in the next couple of days. Jodi's in the hospital with her mom and Charlotte, and I've run back home to shower and grab some things we didn't have time to get yesterday.


At Sep 6, 2008, 3:20:00 PM, Blogger Larry said:

Wow, exciting! Praying. Call when you can. Mom and Dad

At Sep 7, 2008, 12:00:00 AM, Blogger Ani said:

Hey - I'll be thinking about you all nonstop until I hear the next news! I'll stay on the mom-hotline. I'm so excited and happy for you!!! - Ani

At Sep 7, 2008, 1:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

O.K. I just talked to Grandma Helen and we're both on prayer watch as Jodi prepares to give birth. So your news has covered the globe. Waiting to hear good news soon. GLO

At Sep 8, 2008, 2:21:00 AM, Blogger Kathi said:

She is beautiful! My best wishes to you and Jodi and Charlotte! Aunt Kathi


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