Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Reporting on two fronts today: On the practical side, I got a few things done today. I will now take out my To Do list and cross stuff off.

  • wrote the letter to Beth Gorden; waiting for address confirmation.
  • emailed Dr Wei about dropping off the recommendation packet.
  • e-mailed Kartik about editing my essay.
  • visited Dr Douglas and dropped off his packet.
  • dropped off papers for the correction on my Social Security card.
  • picked up the slide prints at Walmart.

The only thing I put off is related to somebody Christmas present, so I can't write it here. I'll pick it up tomorrow. On top of all this, I spent a couple hours tutoring kids at the high school. It was quite busy when I got there but emptied out quickly. I posted a photo taken near the end on the photo weblog. I gotta remember to take the camera out with me more often.

I got a password to a huge jpop MP3 repository today, hopefully it'll have some good stuff. If only they would show Hey Hey Hey Music Champ here in SoCal.


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