Wednesday, December 18, 2002


I'm hot this week, I got one substitute teaching job on Monday and I've got another tomorrow morning. Tutoring on Tuesdays and Wednesdays has helped me to meet some of the teachers, and now they know I can teach the stuff. Not only teach, I've also learned a little of this newfangled "integrated" math. I took my camera to tutoring tonight and chickened out on photographing people again. Suck it up, Micah!

This afternoon I registered for two classes at Fullerton College next semester: Econ 101 (microeconomics) and Econ 102 (macroeconomics). Georgetown is requiring me to do both of these before I enroll. Not that I've even been accepted yet.

Arianna Huffington had an editorial in the LA Times this morning about how mad she gets at the improper use of apostrophes, as in "three G.I.'s walked into a bar." Puh-leaze Arianna, talk about overkill. We know that people make this mistake all of the time, but is it worth an editorial article?


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