Saturday, December 07, 2002

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Watching TV tonight, I finally decided to figure out what country's peoples were the target audience for the show Tanin, a Middle-Eastern music video program that runs late nights on KSCI channel 18. A quick Google search leads to Delighted's weblog, a very thoughtful weblog full of stories of her childhood in... Iran! Also, she shared some pictures of her elementary school in Iran, which I think are worth mentioning.

Also, I saved an article called Tribal Workers by Thomas Barlow of the Financial Times, which describes the situation of today's angsty, over-worked and over-optioned young professionals:

Today's generation of high-earning professionals maintain that their personal fulfilment comes from their jobs and the hours they work. They should grow up, says Thomas Barlow.

Sometimes I feel the same way, confused about the millions of options available to me. Not that I claim to be a polymath of any sort, like those European kids you meet on your world travels who can speak fifteen languages fluently, have black belts in karate, hold advanced degrees in several subjects and worked as investment bankers for the last few years before deciding to take five months off to travel the world. Grrrrr. But I am confused the the death of paths I have to choose from. Maybe, like the article concludes, I need to learn that "living is as much about closing possibilities as it is about creating them."


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