Sunday, April 27, 2003


So what's up with these Asian Americans thinking over their parents' grandiose dreams, and choosing other paths that fit their own personal interests? Good for them. 

Aiya, more travel blues. I need a new perspective on my travel this summer, so I can make up my mind. But more importantly, I need a travel partner. Sorta cool is the Craig's List travel forum, but that's really for San Francisco and a risky way to find a travel partner. I did find another site with very cheap flights to Costa Rica, but the Beijing-Urumqi-Kazhakstan option still has a lot of advantages: familiarity, cost, previous research.

Bah, maybe I should just save the money for next summer. 

[Blogger unpublished this entry from 2003 for violating the Blogger Community Guidelines, in 2023! I can only imagine that it's because someone interpreted the first paragraph as being genuine outrage, rather than sarcasm. Maybe the "Good for them" is not obvious enough? So... hi moderators! It's me, the author, and I approve of Asian Americans pursuing their dreams! No violence or hate intended!]


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