Saturday, June 21, 2003


One of the things I love about running Linux on my computer is that I can write little scripts if I need things done my way. For example, I wrote a script to connect to the internet, check my mail, and disconnect:

#!/bin/sh # Micah Sittig, 2003.5.5 echo "-- Script to check mail and immediately disconnect --" # Connect if not already connected connected=0 [ -e /var/run/ ] && connected=1 if [ $connected -eq 1 ]; then echo Already connected... else echo -n "Connecting... " /sbin/ifup ppp0 echo connected. fi # If the connect succeeded, fetch the mail [ -e /var/run/ ] && /home/msittig/bin/fma # Drop the connection echo Closing the connection. /sbin/ifdown ppp0 exit 0

Here's another one I wrote to fix the problem of using ogg123 to play ogg files, and mpg123 to play mp3s:

#!/bin/sh # Micah Sittig 2003.06.21 # Script to play mixes of mp3s and oggs # using the correct program (mpg123/ogg123) for song in "$@" do format=`echo $song | awk '/mp3$/ { print "mp3" } /ogg$/ { print "ogg" }'` if [ "$format" = mp3 ]; then /usr/local/bin/mpg123 "$song" elif [ "$format" = "ogg" ]; then /usr/bin/ogg123 "$song" else echo "play: $song: Unknown format." fi sleep 1 done exit 0


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