Sunday, November 02, 2003


Shonen Knife closed off their North American tour at Detroit's Magic Stick last night. I caught a ride into Detroit with Tomo. At the venue, we met up with his friend Seth. Both of these guys work with computers/unix &mdash conversation tended towards favorite shells and editors, links on Disjointed, and Seth's MAME box (fun, I don't get the chance to chat about this stuff very often IRL). Smoke-filled bowling alley on the first floor, hopping bar, pool hall and stage on the second floor, the Magic Stick was the location of Houdini's last show The crowd was largely dressed up for Halloween. Shonen Knife didn't appear on stage until midnight, and the show was over by 1:30 AM. I enjoyed it a lot; Shonen Knife's music isn't anything to write home about but it's something I can rock out to, and I'm happy to give my support to any band that crosses cultural lines like Shonen Knife does. Mad props to Tomo for the ride, let me know if you find any other worthwhile events around here.

Vocab word for today is 微软: [wei2 ruan3] /Microsoft/. The first character is literally micro, or small, and the second character is literally soft, the same character used for "soft" in soft sleeper train tickets, and in software.


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