Wednesday, March 10, 2004


For CCS 502 we read (or were supposed to read... it was on the next page of the syllabus, so I didn't see it; nevertheless, managed to contribute a diatribe against getting too abstract in defining "materiality"... social scientists, reprezent) a chapter by Sophie Volpp on the literary consumption of actors in 17th century Ming China, an article that (so I hear) makes use of the terms homoerotic and homosocial. Some people noted that even though a homosocial relationship does not imply a sexual desire, it does carry that connotation. A more explicit criticism of the article was that it did not consider other factors that may have launched homosocial friendships, like inclusion in a powerful social group, the opportunity for occupational advancement, or just plain literary aspirations. So it got me to thinking, what is the true nature or purpose of guy-guy friendship, "brotherhood" so to speak? I know that networks of girls/women friends provide emotional support as a main benefit. Are guys different? Should they be different?

Haha, this almost reads like a Gwailo post without the extended quote.


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