Sunday, December 05, 2004


As I walked to the light rail stop from the Harley Bar, I thought of all the reasons why I chose not to go into the concert.

  • RMB 100 is a lot to pay for a concert. And if I show up at a RMB 100 concert today, tomorrow's concert will be 100 RMB again. With "foreign" DJs. Ooooh.
  • RMB 50 is still a lot. Especially when I'm feeling slighted, or that I'm being framed as an expat.
  • I wasn't that interested in most of the bands.
  • I have a sore throat, and bars are smokey.
  • I don't drink, so three free drinks doesn't make up for an expensive ticket.

And last, I hate when people pressure me to do stuff. Like go to concerts, or drink. So I refuse by default.


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