Thursday, December 30, 2004


Through the a China Digital News post I found out that the Washington Post published an Associated Press article about a show called "Quest USA" that I watched a few times before moving to China: "On This Reality TV Show, East Meets West:

They rapped. They performed farm chores in Amish country. They had an egg-eating contest in Roanoke. They drank Miller Genuine Draft in motel rooms until they got loaded and started talking about sex. They ate breakfast at dawn in IHOP. They raced little cars in Daytona Beach and competed in "mud skiing" in northern Florida. They met on the beach-volleyball court in Miami Beach (Taiwan 11, Mainland China 5 -- and no war!). All in Chinese with English subtitles, and the occasional lapse into English, in which they are all fluent.

What they don't mention in the article is that the host of this show is former Channel-V DJ, mainland soap superstar and model, and That's Beijing columnist David Wu (胡大为 Oops, make that 吴大维. Thanks John.)!


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