Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I'm really too busy to write a good weblog post. I'm spending a lot of time writing e-mails these days, though. Here's a quick one I sent to Asa that tells what I've been doing lately as far as the music scene. I apologize in advance for the lazy, meandering style!

OK, I just messaged him with your e-mail address.

Yeah, there was this "Spring" (Chun) music festival in Hangzhou with a bunch of bands, and Goahead said she would go so I took the train up there on Saturday (at this point I get a reply from Chris: "Kiss mah grits!"). Hangzhou is cool, the lake is such a great focus point for the city. Anyhow, the art bar where the concert took place was neat, they had a courtyard where the bands played until it started raining, and then they took it inside to a very cozy (but bigger than Harley's concert space) bar/restaurant with stage. The Hangzhou/Nanjing/Wuhan bands were cool, but of course I was only out there dancing fot the Shanghai bands: Sonnet, and Cold Fairyland. The Yuyintang lady was there too, with her husband, taking pictures. I said hi to Lindi, and then I ended up sitting at their table for most of the concert and we went out to dinner together afterwards, CF + Sonnet + some guys that were doing photography for them. Most of them went to a bathhouse to spend the night, but I stayed back at the hotel with the guitarist (I need to learn his name, heh) and we talked late into the night and eventually got some sleep. The next day I went to the train station, bought a ticket and then hung out by myself; what Lindi and the other folks did afterwards I think you can deduce from her LJ and photos... something like walk to a certain river and take band pics.

It was cool, I got to meet some more people and talk with friends... the Austrian punk band played at Harley's last night (Monday) and the place was packed, and CF drummer, Sonnet drummer, Sonnet vocals, and Johnny (Sonnet guitar) were there so I said hi. Met some more cool people: Ronnie, a graphic design student from Jitong, Max and Chris were there and we moshed, Michael, my friend from the Shanghai Webloggers Meetup; Rebea and Goahead were there too, in fact we went out afterwards to Ark to catch Jing Gong Zhi Niao play, I saw CF bassist (crikies, I need to get their names) hanging out in the back. The place was packed for a Monday night, and the band really pulled a nice one, basically ramping up the energy at the very end.

Yeah, it's too bad you're not here. Yuyintang is really pumping a lot into the Harley concert series, and they're really getting big. I wish they had a bigger venue... Speaking of venues, the Gua'er finally shut down the factory location :( and are opening up a bar next to the bus stop. There's a big opening party this Saturday that I'll probably drop by to see.

Don't have too much fun without us.



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