Thursday, May 26, 2005


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On 5/26/05, John Pasden wrote:

What happened to your feet??

Ever since right before I left for Tianjin (summer 2001, wow has it been that long?), I've had a couple of ingrown toenails on my big toes that have been pretty painful to walk on all these years. I had them cut back seriously twice, once in Tianjin ("here, bite on this") and once in California ("numb yet? here's another shot. numb yet? here's another shot. numb yet? here's another shot..."). But they've always grown back. When Katie was here, she encouraged me to go give it another shot, so I made an appointment with a pretty cool doctor at Huashan Hospital and had them done yesterday.

It seems like he did a pretty good job. It took just two shots in each toe to deaden them, and I didn't feel a thing. That is, until an hour after surgery when the shots wore off and I just about died.

I go in to change the dressing tomorrow. I'm taking a couple days off of work, so I won't be in tomorrow either.

If they turn out OK this time, I'm going to do a tour of Shanghai's bathhouses later this year.

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