Sunday, June 05, 2005


I was really anti-social and lazy in college, and I still sometimes slip into that mode, so I pleasantly surprise me when I exhaust myself with things to fill my week. For example, here are my past six days:

  • Tuesday: Off work at 3:30, went over to Jodi's preschool nearby and met her students. They call out to her as she walks through the neighborhood after school, just like Mom! We dropped off stuff at my apartment, then went out for dinner at a restaurant behind Far East Normal University. Just one spicy dish, and I was the one who ordered it! Jodi was (probably) not impressed. Ate and chatted till dark, then bought tickets to the Disney Lantern Festival at next-door Changfeng Park. We spent 45 minutes or so strolling through the giant cloth lantern dioramas of Disney movies, then watched fireworks over the lake. Afterward, we walked through the university campus, sitting on on a big grass lawn and cuddling till late.
  • Wednesday: I took the afternoon off of work so I could apply for a bank card and go to the hospital to get my toe dressings changed. Originally, we though Asa would be coming in at 6pm, but then Lindi figured out that it was 8pm so we met at Longyan metro station at 7pm and bused to the airport. Got back to my apartment by 10 or so and settled Asa in, then the three of us went out for dinner. Chatted till 1am.
  • Thursday: Came home straight from work and took a quick shower: it's getting hot in Shanghai. Met Brian and Ian at Jing'an Temple at 6pm, had dinner at Bifengtang. Ran into their parents and friends walking down East Nanjing Rd, and set them on the right course to the Bund. At the Bund, the parents split back to the hotel, and the kids went off for a stroll through Xintiandi, drinks at Delifrance, and a quick trip to Pegasus for me to pick up tickets for Kid Koala.
  • Friday: Knew I had to work both days this weekend, so I went back to work and stayed a couple hours after closing to use the internet and prepare some teaching aids. Walked down to nearby Bible study, having a pretty good RMB 5 dinner on the way. Score! I'll definitely go back there next week. Got back by 11pm, stayed up reading.
  • Saturday: Taught class in the morning with Apple, then rode with her to Xujiahui to meet friends. They went shopping and I took off to buy a bus ticket for Sunday at the bus station. Went up to People's Square to meet Asa, had lunch at the usual hole in the wall place, then spent a couple hours buying supplies for our book project on Fuzhou Road. Ran back home, then went out to dinner with Woo Jin, visiting from Ann Arbor, and his Shanghai friends at a nice place near Xintiandi. Had the best mango sha bing iced dessert I've ever eaten. Afterwards, they walked to Xintiandi and I caught a taxi back to Xujiahui for the concert at Harley's: missed Another Kind of Light, but caught Megaphone and headliners the Subs from Beijing. Said hi to Michael, John Paul, Liu Yi, the Yuyintang lady, Chris, and the Cold Fairyland people. Danced like a madman. Asa showed up at the very end on his crutches. We took a taxi back getting a post-11pm discount, my first.
  • Sunday: Took the 7:40am bus to Jiaxing, a city halfway between Shanghai and Hangzhou. Taught an hour of class, bought some famous Jiaxing zong zi (rice wrapped in pyramids of bamboo leaves and steamed), and caught the next bus back to Shanghai. Shot over to the Golden Jade Lily Theater to meet co-worker Amy for a concert of traditional Chinese yue ju singing, and got to meet her teacher backstage afterwards. Took some pictures, we'll see about putting those up. Bused back home, bought an internet card, and posted this entry. Will most likely go out to dinner with Asa and Lindi, get started on the book project, and then fall dead asleep. Work tomorrow at 8:30am!

And that doesn't count all the time I spent at work. Busy!


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