Monday, October 10, 2005


Exciting news! The Chinese Blogger Conference '05 is coming together! I have made an unofficial translation of the latest announcement, for folks who want to sign up:


Conference Fee: RMB 100 (includes hand-outs and luncheons), students half-price with student ID. Payment to be made at registration.

Attendees should make their own food and lodging arrangements (except for the included luncheons) for the duration of the conference. Conference volunteers will be responsible for contacting and recommending suitable locations for lodging; the concrete conference location and recommended lodging locations will be announced by e-mail after the sign-up process is completed.

Persons expecting to attend the Chinese Blogger Conference 2005 (Shanghai, November 5-6) are asked to sign-up by leaving the following information either in the comments to this entry, or be sending it to (recommended) with the characters 报名 somewhere in the Subject line:

-- Real name (required, as it will be checked against a valid ID at the time of registration)
-- Alias/nickname/handle (if you do not wish for your real name to be revealed, you can choose to use an alternate name)
-- Occupation (optional)
-- City of residence
-- Blog address
-- Contact e-mail
-- Telephone number (optional)
-- Topics of interest (optional)

(Notice: the hosting body reserves final right to interpret the terms stated above.)

(Important: the conference is called "Chinese" because it will take place in the Chinese language! If you go, don't expect more than minimal translation, or you may be rudely surprised. But do expect plenty of helpful people. )


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