Sunday, October 09, 2005


I leave Shanghai for about 10 days, and when I get back I have:

  • About 300 unread items in my Bloglines account.
  • Over 200 new messages in my GMail inbox.
  • About 200 messages in my SDF inbox.

Of course, the majority of the Google mail is spam notices from Brocco Li, where spammers seemed to have cracked the Blogspot commenting system. And all but 30 of the messages at SDF were similar notices from other blogs and just plain ol' spam e-mail.

But in my time away, I do get a couple of mentions on other weblogs in my 'hood (Shanghai). I get props from the V for helping her replace a lost cellphone, but I can't say I got addicted to Taobao (like a Chinese EBay). That's probably a good thing.

And KW tags me to reveal some strange habits. Me, strange? Heh.

And somebody thinks I'm in touch with Shanghai. Maybe, but he links to Lisa Movius, and when I check out the article in Japanese rag Concierge that was written about her house, I swoon. Great location, nice collection of furniture, etc.

In other cool Shanghai weblogger news, Mad About Shanghai is finally actually based in Shanghai. Hopefully we can meet IRL sometime.


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