Monday, October 10, 2005


A little late again, but I have an excuse because I was in Hunan over the start of the month. Here you have it, September's cellphone photo round-up:

September got off to bang with a big metal show at the Ark, where the locals showed up the guests.

Jodi and I've been trying to keep things neighborly around here by taking people out to eat every once in a while. So when Chris's sig-oth arrived in town, we had to swing in to action.

It was quite an action.

Copyright is not on the syllabus at Shanghai preschools.

Kids who bring up copyright are sent here.

But seriously, September was my last month working with preschoolers for Melody. There are some things that I will miss about that job. See above.

I continue to spend a lot of time on public transportation. This is a view of the Shanghai southern railway station, which has been under (re)construction every since I got here. It will eventually serve Shanghai's southbound trains, as well as being the terminal station of the already operating light rail line 3 (the pearl line).

My next to last day at work, we had a company dinner to celebrate Teacher's Day. This holiday is actually a big deal in China, where lots of kids bring cards and gifts to their teachers. Melody gives out Teacher's Day gifts to the teaching staff, and we have a dinner for our department.

Things get a little crazy at company dinners.

On September 15th, prices went up for the metro and light rail. I was very disappointed, but hope that this will help to deal with the overcrowding problem that it was meant to reduce.

On a date with Jodi to a coffee shop in Xujiahui, I ordered the pork chop sandwich, only to find out after it came out that it was a peanut butter pork chop sandwich. Rock! It was delish.

There was a heated debate on John's weblog about whether shi fu was spelled 师父 or 师傅, and then the next day I ran across this sign. It doesn't prove much, but it's a data point.

Since I left Melody, I had to make a trip to the visa office to switch to a tourist visa. A trip to Hong Kong (for fun) and I should be able to pick up an even longer visa. Going to the visa office is fun because it's mostly full of hip young Japanese and Korean students.

I took Jodi clothes shopping to buy me a pair of jeans. She like the low-waisted tighties at UNIQLO, but I held out for the loose and comfortable pair at Baleno.

Jodi got a pair of turtles. One day, I got them out to play, and then we left and when we came back I realized that I had forgotten to put them back in the bowl. We found Häagen under the fridge, Dazs is still missing.

One warm September Saturday I got up early and scooted myself to Pudong for the China Europe International Business School's Investor Forum, where a bunch of high-tech CEOs and venture capitalist guys held panels on starting companies and working with VCs to fund your company's growth. It was fascinating, and in Chinese. Fun!

Afterwards, Joon and I stopped by the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum for a look around and lunch at the food court. This is a view of the big globe from the inside.

This is the same globe from the outside. The thing is incredibly huge.

Here's Joon taking a pic.

On the way home, I stopped by 無印良品's Shanghai location. It's like a mini Ikea, but all their products are logo-free, and expensive. This is a potato masher. I'm going to buy one and give it as a birthday present to somebody who doesn't read my weblog.

One night, the Trombly's held a big party in the grand, time-honored tradition of Shanghai expats throughout the centuries. I dragged Jodi along, and we both had a great time. This is us walking to the party on a Huaihai Rd that had been closed off for some kind of a tourism festival parade.

This is a butterfly on the playground of Jodi's school.

One evening Jodi and stopped by the Shanghai International Studies University library because we noticed they were holding a book sale. I found this monstruosity, but picked up a Piers Anthony sci-fi disaster instead.

I don't like when people tease me. (and see the beginnings of my "unemployment goatee")

The culprit.

Two Hunanese is two too many!

In September there was this big music festival at the Theater School campus down by Lianhua Rd. It was cool; definitely the biggest audience at a show by local bands that I've been to here in Shanghai.

They put up a new KFC at the Caoxi Rd light rail station in like, 3 weeks. Like locusts. Or rabbits, I tell ya.


Goal!!! Shenhua队! Shenhua队!

On our Ma'anshan trip we did a little clothes shopping, and this shirt popped up.

We didn't try it on. This particulary outfit, Jodi said was too "schoolgirly". Pretty much.

That's it for September!


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