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After realizing that the David Wu on Wikipedia wasn't the one I was looking for, I was motivated to do a net search for info on him. After finding the biography which I translate below, I came across... his new weblog. Yes, Wu Dawei has a weblog. Now that's talking da talk! (Make sure to read his first introductory post, which contradicts some of the info I translate below.)


As an actor, singer, TV show host and VJ, David Wu does it all. Born in Hong Kong, at 13 years old he immigrated to the USA with his parents. Cordial and friendly, never lacking in energy, and basketball-crazy, he's pretty much this generation's ideal "big brother next door".

吴大维的生活方式,犹如他在银幕前的风格一样活跃,像是一个永远停不下来的好动宝宝,多才多艺的他一向都希望在娱乐圈,主持五个 CHANNEL [V]的节目、令吴大维忙得不可开交,节目包括:《大潮流》、《NO SWEAT》、《GO WEST》及他周日晚上的清淡节目《吴满秀》及《百事可乐中文TOP20》,吴大维对工作非常认真,但却又是卫视CHANNEL [V]最爱开玩笑的主持人.

David Wu leads a very active lifestyle, just like the ones he acts out on the silver screen. Like a kid on permanent sugar high, he's always in the middle of things, directing/hosting five shows on Channel V, which makes him super busy. The list of shows he's worked on includes "Da Chao Liu", "No Sweat", "Go West" and the laid-back weekend "Wu-Man Show" and "Pepsi's Chinese Top 20". And while David Wu is an extremely hard worker, he is also the VJ for Channel V who likes to joke around the most.

   吴大维在CHANNEL [V]主持节目,能够以自己的名字作为节目的名称,可见他有一定的份量和有其过人之处,在摄影棚内轻松的气氛下,加上WU MAN吴大维无拘无束的谈话方式引领下,难怪每位受访者都能畅所欲言,下节目后能与每位艺人成为好朋友.主持节目方式除音乐既是固定话题,但东拉西扯,上至天文,下至地理;深奥如人生哲理、做人态度;鸡毛蒜皮如家事料理或是城中八卦新闻、热门话题等等,DAVID也是无所不谈,百无禁忌,从而引发受访艺人的性情.

The fact that as a Channel V host, David Wu was able to put his name on several shows proves that he as a person carried a bit of weight and seniority. In the relaxed atmosphere of the studio, adding in David "Wu-Man" Wu's chill conversational style allowed guests to open up and speak their minds freely, like talking with a good friend. Besides talking about music, David was prone to wander with topics, touching on anything under the sun: deep mysteries of philosophy and human behavior; trivialities like daily chores, food, and local celebrity gossip; or any other hot topic. There is nothing David won't talk about--nothing is forbidden--and in this way he is able to draw out a celebrity's true colors.


David Wu is assuredly one of the best VJs around. He is able to balance being a movie actor and a TV show host, and makes it look like, in his own words, "a piece of cake".

中文名:吴大维 英文名:David Wu 生日:1966年10月2日 星座:天秤座 身高:174cm 体重:78kg 学历:华盛顿大学商科毕业 偶像:李小龙、Bill Gates 兴趣:吃、看电影、篮球、网球 擅长的语言:中、英、粤语(日、韩语一点点) 志愿:世界和平

Chinese name: Wu Dawei
English name: David Wu
Birthdate: October 2, 1966
Zodiac: Libra
Height: 174cm
Weight: 78kg
Alma Mater: Washington University (Business Science)
Idols: Bruce Lee, Bill Gates
Interests: eating, movies, basketball, tennis
Languages: Chinese, English, Cantonese (a little Japanese and Korean too)
Wish: World peace


"I've Got Something To Say" (first movie)
"Tonight's Starlight is Splendid"
"Sister of the World Unite"
"I Have a Date with Spring"
"Farewell My Concubine", "Full Throttle"
"Temptress Moon"
"Stage Door"
"I've Got A Father Too"
"Waiting Alone"
"Vigorous Cop"

电视: 《千年之恋》

TV: "A Thousand-Year Love"
"From Taipei to Shanghai"
"A Police Story"


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