Monday, October 23, 2006


Doing translation work is so cool. Today I was doing some volunteer work for the upcoming CNBloggercon, and I noticed that the venue had changed because another conference was conflicting with the original site (which was waaaay out in the boonies anyway). The conference is now slated to be held at Zhejiang University, in the Xixi (West Creek) campus's 邵逸夫科技馆. At first I prepared to translate that as "Shao Yifu Science & Technology Center", but then I became curious as to whether the place had an English name already. So I started Googling around, and I was getting all sorts of hospitals, academic halls and other buildings names after a certain "Shaw Run Run". A quick trip to Wikipedia and lo and behold, it turns out Sir Shaw Run Run is a philanthropically inclined "Hong Kong media mogul", specifically one of the prodigious Shaw Brothers of Disciples of the 36th Chamber, Kid With The Golden Arm, Mad Monkey Kung Fu, Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang and Shaolin Executioner (Hi Dave!)-fame.



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