Thursday, July 26, 2007


When I was in high school and college, some of my friends would look back on the 1980s with a feverish and, in my opinion, undeserved nostalgia. It always amused me to eavesdrop on their sessions because I wasn't in the US during that part of my childhood, so I could observe with a detached, self-satisfied cynicism. Things they reminisced about were toys, cartoons and bad music. That was pretty much it.

So today it made me think about the nature of nostalgia when one of Jodi's good friends forwarded her a link on MSN today, a link to a nostalgic photo essay by/for Chinese kids born in the 80s. Since it's rather long, I've put the translation on a wiki page called 80sChineseNostalgia. Click through if you think you might enjoy it.


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