Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last week Mr Canfield reminded me that our company operates a rec center with a swimming pool, so on Saturday I turned in photos of myself, Jodi and Charlotte, along with an application form. On Sunday when I picked up our new rec center IDs, I was told we could swim right away. So Sunday night we headed down to the 第一八佰伴 shopping center and picked up three swim caps and an inflatable ring for three-month-old Charlotte.

Bright and early Monday morning we jumped on the bus, rode to the company center and had a swim followed by lunch:

Mother and daughter swimmers
Swimming smile
Family swim

Wednesday morning Jodi had a dentist appointment at the clinic by the rec center, so we met up afterwards for lunch followed by a rest and then more swimming:

2nd time swimming

Can you tell we've fallen for the pool? The indoor rec center pool is beautifully designed, very clean, and takes advantage of the sun's natural light while keeping out the wind and the harshest of the sun's rays. Charlotte loves scooting herself around backwards in the 22cm-deep kiddie pool and cooing, and can even hold her own in the grown-up pool -- we had to take her out when her little lips started turning blue. No video of all that, maybe next time.

One more thing:


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