Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I spent a bit of time these days (summer vacation, heh) on a couple of BBSs, but I've only been making one show up on my homepage because I was introduced to the other one by Jodi and she's a more private person than I am when it comes to revealing personal information (I'm sure you can figure out which one if you've been connecting the dots, but it's not like the tabloids would care or anything). Having the threads in which I post show up involves a bit of trickery because Chinese BBSs make it hard to pull/poll public feeds of posts by user, so I end up entering each thread by hand after I post to it.

This makes me wish there was a way to centralize control over my BBS posts across multiple BBSs from one interface. Instead of having to open a separate tab for each forum, I'd like to log into a single account and see which of my threads have been replied to in all of the different forums I post in. This would require the different BBS admins to opt-in or install whatever software made this possible, and it would run against the anonymity that a lot of people like in BBSs. But if we could get past or work around both of those obstacles, it would make something like Friendfeed possible for the BBS part of the internet and that would be cool, I think.


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