Monday, June 01, 2009



From our Sunday outing to Jiaxing (嘉兴), a little Hangzhou with rice-dumplings. Forty-five minutes by train from Shanghai.


■ Departed SH at 1pm, RMB 13 for a 46 minute train ride to Jiaxing.
■ Taxi to Nanhu south gate.
■ Boat tour of Nanhu, island, pagoda, etc. RMB 60 pp.
■ Lunch at small local restaurant, finished off with rice dumpling from Wufangzhai.
■ Taxi to Yuehe Laojie (月河老街), a restored water-town street in downtown Jiaxing.
■ Dinner along the river at 月庭轩; good food, great service.
■ Taxi back to the station, 8:30 bullet train back to SH.

More photos on Flickr.


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