Thursday, July 02, 2009


Two quotes from recent reading material. First, from Tressell's "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists":

Work, boys, work and be contended
So long as you've enough to buy a meal
For if you will but try, you'll be wealthy—bye and bye
If you'll only put your shoulder to the wheel.

And from a recent Southern Weekly article, 《科教书:删得掉的文字 删不掉的“机密”》:


Reading this article on the "uncensoring" of public school textbooks since after Deng Xiaoping took over in the late 70s post-facto compounded my frustration at watching an obviously-censored version of Transformers 2: cut scenes and garbled words that interfered with the plot made the movie even less enjoyable than it would have been in its original complete form. Near the end of the article, another paragraph that puts Transformers into perspective:


That last line speaks to me the hidden prejudices that handicap us.


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