Monday, November 16, 2009


Photo-0016 (by Micah Sittig)

Charlotte and I went to Shanghai Stadium this afternoon to see the NFL's flag football league play on the practice fields outside of the Stadium itself. We didn't talk to anybody in depth, on account of the rain and Charlotte being anxious to leave. Some notes:

  • About the time we arrived, a little after one, it began to rain lightly and the games continued unaffected.
  • Play was smooth and all the players were good sports. The referees seemed to be unfamiliar with some rules, but were not afraid to ask for help so things stayed on track. There was one Chinese guy in black running around with a clipboard that seemed to be the go-to man for questions. There was an injury, but a first aid kit was on hand and play stopped while the player was being attended to.
  • About 1 in 10 of the players were white; another 30% had Asian faces but spoke fluent American English. The refs were all locals, and included several women.

Photo-0008 (by Micah Sittig)

Photo-0010 (by Micah Sittig)

Photo-0013 (by Micah Sittig)

Overall, it was a very low-key event.

Photo-0011 (by Micah Sittig)


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