Friday, December 05, 2008

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Just back from the Indie Top show at Zhijiang Dream Factory. Big ups to Andy Best for the ticket, and for coming out to check for us when we arrived 30 minutes late or so. Great show, we caught: Momo, Sonnet, Little Nature, and an all-girl band whose name I didn't catch and didn't remember from the list of bands playing. Ran into my secret journo crush Lisa Movius at a bad moment (sorry!) which was too bad; would have loved to chat about 新海派 for a bit. The music was good; Momo was probably my favorite because they were a bit darker and edgier, while the other three bands were a bit too pop-y for me but were great for Charlotte who had fun dancing in the back of the hall where the music was at a bearable volume for her and a couple of ABC swing dancers regaled us with a spontaneous performance. I had heard good things about Wang Xiaokun but when it came time for his set Charlotte was getting ready to crash so we jumped back on the 76 to Jing'an Temple. She went to bed without a bath and was out within 5 minutes of hitting the sack.

EDIT: Just read Andy's post and realized that the bands Charlotte and I saw were Zhongchi, Sonnet, Little Nature, and Momo, in that order. And Zhongchi was my favorite. For the record.

Jodi's in bed too, and I'm getting ready to go out for a quick look at the sky through my new binoculars. The wind today blew all the clouds away and the cold, crisp air should mean great seeing. Orion is calling.


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