Friday, June 06, 2003


Crystal Kay was featured on a Channel 44 J-pop show this evening. Ko-girls are swooning in LA. Actually, her music is pretty decent. She's got the whole Shiina Ringo R&B thing goin' on. Biographical info at the Sony English website:

A tremendously talented female singer has finally shown up on the Japanese music scene... She is Crystal Kay. Her father is a NY-born black bassist, and mother is a Korea-born singer. Born and raised in Yokohama...

Plus she's doing a song with M-Flo! I heard that Lisa split off of the group to do solo work, Crystal must be filling in as guest vocalist. Sweet!

My whole family enjoyed the Credit Card Prank. (via Keith's weblog)

I've gotta go through the stuff I've got stored around this place because my mom wants to clean it out in case they have to move, because my dad is looking for a job out of town. So I pulled all of the "Micah" boxes out of the shed in the backyard. One of the boxes on the bottom of the pile had engendered a nice culture of book-mold, so quite a few of the books were affected; fortunately, none of significant import or value. The only victim I feel bad about is a photo album I filled up of high school, Japan, Poland and Scotland photos. They'll have to be transferred to a new album. It's a shame, they're layed-out and titled very nicely.

Otherwise, it's been fun going through the boxes. Ah, bittersweet nostalgia.


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