Saturday, June 07, 2003


I got to use my new Spanish-Spanish dictionary in my main weblog entry for today. Who knew that ganchitos were snacks of corn, potato or wheat in the shape of a hook?

So I was in the Honors Physics boat race the other day (which I'll write up an entry for in the other weblog) and guess who I saw? Matt Ezell! Matto! Wow, I still carry some of his mannerisms with me today. He's doing great, still teaching in Japan and home for a week to see his girlfriend graduate. Neato!

Oh, and we're all very excited that Julie signed the lease. Our little Julie is growing up; when will the rest of us follow??

A typical Friday for me today: stay up late the night before (on the computer and unpacking books) and sleep in until time to shower and leave for work at 4pm. Work all evening, until off at 12:30pm, early for once in a long time, and head home for warmed-up waffles and more computer. Got a letter from UMich about paying tuition this fall. I feel so fortunate to get that scholarship, I don't know who to run out and give a big hug to.


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