Monday, March 14, 2005


I had written on my calendar "New Dance Starts Tonight" for this Monday, so after work I raced over to 150 Xizang Road, right off People's Square, and hoofed it up to the fourth floor. Class was in full session, of course, since it starts at 7:30 and I'm teaching late Mondays this semester, but I was relieved to get a warm welcome from the teacher (in mid-step!), see a lot of familiar and friendly faces and find that they were still doing the next-to-last class session of "Cowboy", which I take is some form of line/square-dancing. It looks like a very lively dance. I'm glad I skipped it; I was waiting for something more elegant.

I had forgotten how much fun dancing was. At first, I just toed the sidelines and watched, but I couldn't get helped but get sucked in by my dance friends, and by the end of (the half-)class I had the steps down, met a couple new people, and was completely exhausted.

Next up: Rumba. Classes start next Monday. I'm signed up. I picked up a flyer with which to evangelize my co-workers.


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