Monday, April 18, 2005


Let's review my plans for this weekend, and see how they turned out, but let's save time by drawing on quotes I left on message boards and weblogs:

Morning: check out the big anti-Japan demonstration...

How did this turn out?

I was gonna go for the same reason, just to see.

And then I went the lemonkono route and... slept in.

I have something of an excuse. Dave called the night before, and I stayed up late on the phone. Late for a Friday night.

Something I forgot to mention here is that, through a friend of a friend, I made an appointment to hang out with some 大专 girls to practice English that afternoon. Then it turns out I had the day wrong, and it was Sunday. Still, Edison (the friend of the friend) came out and helped me get a hold of his student to figure out why they hadn't showed up (oops, my bad), and we chatted for a while. Let's just say... he has a very different attitude towards women than I do. And Jodi says that westerners are 开放, heh.


Afternoon: hit up the new Gua'er Music Bar for an all-Shanghai metal concert.

How about this? It was very cool, the new venue is very dark and small, and the bands that played were decent. Highlights was meeting Max, who was taking pictures for Painkiller Magazine; hearing 宣武门 (Xuan Wu Men) play, a band I haven't heard in a while, and had forgotten how good they are: the nerdy guitarist plays like a madman, the vocalist screams like an alto, progressive rock (卫前摇滚) at its best; and meeting Liu Yi outside during intermission and chatting about Nanjing and Radiohead. It's too bad Mirage had to cancel their Shanghai dates; I was looking forward to hearing Xuan Wu Men play with them again on Sunday.

I had to leave early to make it to:

[At this point, but with a lot more written, I accidentally click Blogger's accursed "Recover Post" button, and instead of recovering my post, it truncates it to the preceding 3k characters. I lose about three quarters of my work. Darn you, Blogger.]

Evening: breakbeats with Chris(?) at the Remix Bar

Does Chris make it? His SMS:

I don't see your fool ass, micah! :o

Chris is there. Michael is there with is girlfriend. Jodi is there (I hate dancing alone). Amnjik drops the experimental beats. B6 plays mainstream (cf Chris "this is getting pretty gay"), The dance floor fills up. Jodi and I leave at 11pm, because we don't want to miss the start of:

Late night: run over to DKD afterwards for Miss Kittin's Shanghai appearance.

From the SmartShanghai message board:

Four hours?! Heh, that means I left about halfway through. (at the girl's request, of course)

I was expecting more electroclash, but otherwise was pretty pleased.

Nice to bump into moneyinabox, it's too bad I don't recognize many other people. Sounds like ya'll had a smashing time.

The breakcore pre-party at the Remix bar got pretty hot.

Other stuff:

stop by the print shop and submit a poster [did this Sunday], send out some e-mails [trouble connecting to the interent], clean the house [Sunday evening], check out options for evening/weekend Chinese study at East China Normal University [didn't get to... back on the ThingsToDo list], send Song Shen a birthday e-mail [sent an SMS], run an errand at the bank [Mr Payroll will be after me still], and eat a bite here and there [didn't eat].

Sunday I slept in. For lunch, I met up with some girls in Xujiahui. We had McDonalds and talked. It was fun, but in a very junior high way. Afterwards, I went home and cleaned the house. I had dinner on Nanjing Road, which is packed now that the weather is turning summery. It's still very pretty, with all the neon lights.


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