Monday, December 16, 2002


I'm reading a Teach Yourself Korean book on my breaks at work. Halfway through the second lesson, I've got the impression that it's similar to Japanese and without as many particles. I don't have anybody to speak with currently, so I'm going on my own sense of what the pronunciation is like. Oh, my own sense and a healthy dose of Korean dramas.

Work today was very busy, we had two people at the registers at all times and three people for a large part of the day. I even had Jackie, normally a cafe worker, come and work her first shift ever with me at the info desk. Thankfully, I was able to spend some time shelving and got most of the web programming books in the computer section in order. I brought the Secret Santa gift I was supposed to buy to work today, I can't say what it is or who it's for because it's a secret.

Nine days till Christmas, many gifts left to buy.


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